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Big news!  I have created a brand new podcast!  It's truly a space for YOU to come back home to wonder, peace and joy through short guided meditations, thoughtfully created mindfulness tools and tips, stories, interviews and more.  Join me in creating the inner world your soul has been searching for.  Come back home to yourself and the things that make life more wonderful.  

Created just for you by Wonder Child Publications

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Shimmering Rainbow Chakra Meditation for Children

Join Erin on a magical journey into the bright, shimmering, magical rainbows that all of us have within us.  Whenever our emotions need help or we aren't feeling well, we can visualize our rainbows to balance our chakras to help us feel better.  

This short guided meditation is perfect for children of all ages.

Thank you for joining in today and don't forget to spread love, peace and joy all over the world.

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