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Read below for thoughts on my book from parents, caregivers and teachers:

I began reading the book, silently with tears streaming down my face... tears a mix of pride from my friend, gratitude that you had that kind of message from your parents that you could be and do anything, and extremely deep revelations and healing inside myself seeing those words throughout your book in print.  My little girl self was jumping for joy!  I read it to my children and they loved it too.  I read it aloud to my husband and he was cheering to hear these words all together in one book.  You, my friend are a gift from creator for the whole world.  Thank you for living your light.  - J. Smalls (parent & teacher)

A must have book!  This book has a very important message for children.  Every child deserves to feel they are worthy.  Beautifully written and illustrated.  Definitely recommend this for your children! - N. Mason (parent & grandparent)

I bought this book for my five year old twin boys for their birthday.  The first time I read it to them I noticed my ten year old and seven year old were also hanging onto every word!  The messages in I Am Me are important and accessible for all ages.  If you want to promote mindfulness and positivity, you  need a copy of this book in your home!  - B. Workman (parent & teacher)

Great for all ages!  This book was so thoughtfully written and will be amazing for every child to help them know they are strong, independent and kind individuals.  This book will be a staple in our household for our child.  I will recommend this book to everyone for their children!  - S. Winsor (parent)

This is a wonderful book for helping children to gain confidence in themselves!  This book is so needed to help children to thrive.  Love how it is written in rhyme, illustrations are beautiful and there are activity pages too!  Your family will love it. 

-  Toad (parent)