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Wonder Child Publications books are written by me, Erin Toner, and are created for children everywhere to enjoy.  They are culturally diverse because all children should be able to see themselves in the stories and know they are valued, they matter and they are capable of incredible things!  Empowering children to believe in themselves, living with love and compassion for all, and keeping open minds and hearts are at the core of what I try to create for this world. 


I am so excited that you are here!  I cannot wait for you to explore all of my offerings!  My first book is called I Am Me: Affirmations for Children, which is where this all began.  As the world took a turn into completely new territory in 2020, I saw the mental health of many children plummeting and knew I had to be part of the solution.  I wanted to create a book that would help children to feel confident, have positive feelings about themselves and the world around them and help build resilience.  The book is filled with positive affirmations that can do just that.  Reading the book frequently and creating your own affirmations at the back of the book to say with your children daily can make huge positive changes in their lives!  I Am Me: Affirmations for Children is available in both paperback and hardcover, with ebook to come soon.  

Since launching my book in early 2021, I have sold hundreds of copies to families all over the world, doing my small part to help families thrive.  Expanding from my first book, I now have apparel for both children and adults, focusing on positive, loving messages that uplift, inspire and ground the person wearing them.  Helping every family member feel good and create harmony within their lives is what I am here to do.  I also have a guided affirmation for children (adults can do it too!) called Shimmering Rainbow Chakra Meditation for Children, with many more to come.  You can find it on Spotify, YouTube and Rumble, under my pages, The Wonder Life.  

Coming Soon:

Confidence Workbook for Children

I can't wait for you to see all the hard work I have put into this new product.  As a youth and young adult, I didn't have much confidence, didn't love or believe in myself and didn't think I had much to contribute to the world.  It took me time and a lot of work to learn that I do matter, that I am loveable and that I can do incredible things - AND SO CAN YOU!  This is why I am creating the tools that I am - to help your children know just how incredible they truly are.  This book has lots of exercises and activities to help inspire your children and help them to be confident, all while having fun and being creative.

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